We Are the Bridge Between Schools and the Tech Industry

The STEMI infrastructure is based on the innovative dual loop system approach. We cooperate with the industry to harness the knowledge of tech leaders, introducing it to schools through our STEM programs with a focus on user feedback. By educating new generations of problem solvers and involving them in the process, we create a continuous loop of improvement.

1. Industry Knowledge & Technology
STEMI and unicorn partners bring the industry into the education process. Engineers and tech experts develop programs for students.
2. Industry-based STEM Programs
Contemporary industry practices implemented in programs.
3. Data Analysis and Feedback
Data and Community Feedback Utilized for Constant Improvement.
4. New Generation of Problem Solvers
Students Empowered to Become Change Makers.

We See Education as a Process of Creating Meaningful, Playful and Memorable Moments.

Meaningful Moments

A set of connected meaningful moments leads you to your purpose.

Playful Moments

Play is essential for children development and integral mode through which they perceive the world. Exploration, curiosity and play result in discoveries and joy.

That’s why we design engaging, playful and challenging tech adventures that result with AHA moments.


One unexpected moment can shape us into something we didn’t dream possible before.

We strive to create unforgettable moments for students and their teachers by organizing lectures from exceptional people, mentoring sessions with engineers, and events where they can play with cutting-edge tech.

Meet Our Impact Driven Core Team

Our team is a balanced mix of engineering talent and passion for education

These Values are Embedded
in All of Our Work

Care for the Community
We are deeply involved with educators and schools cultivating care for the community and environment through innovative technological solutions.
Built on the belief that moments we share with others are the most memorable, we build programs that bring students and teacher together on a journey of discovery.
We are dedicated to transparency and collaboration with the aim of promoting inclusiveness, accessibility and participation in our educational programs and workplace alike.
Care for Nature
A care for the environment and sustainable growth is at the core of all our activities, through which we aim to inspire future generations to rethink the complex interplay of technology and nature through STEM topics.


Marija Šutalo

Chief Operations Officer


Slobodan Velikić

Chief Business Officer


Marin Trošelj

Chief Executive Officer