Join the Community Building Schools of the Future

STEMI partners with forward-thinking organizations who want to join us on the mission of creating Schools of the future and raising a new generation of engineers, innovators and problem-solvers.

STEM Program Distribution Partnership

We work with various education partners who wish to implement cutting edge technologies and futuristic learning experiences into schools - these include specialised companies, publishers, governments and public institutions. STEMI provides tailored solutions to your needs with radical implementation efficiency.

EdTech Companies



What We Offer

Cutting-edge STEM Programs
Access to our Innovative Educational Platform
Technical Support
Training for your Staff
Vertically Integrated Hardware and Software Ecosystem

Curriculum Development Partnership

We partner with industry leaders who want to give back to the community and play an important part in the future of education. Our team of engineers and educators will closely work with your organisation to create technologically challenging and entertaining learning experiences which serve as a stepping stone for prospective tech careers.

Position your Company as an Industry Leader
Help Revolutionize the Education System
Attract Socially Aware Employees
Cultivate a Talent Pool to Support Future Growth
Connect with Generations Z and Alpha
Offer your Employees Meaningful Mentoring Experiences

Social Impact Projects Collaboration

Giving back to the community has never been more important - position yourself as a socially responsible leader by involving your employees in creating meaningful moments that transform education. STEMI can help you develop and implement scalable projects with high impact on education and society. You can join our School of the future initiative or we can create a tailor-made solution to fit your needs.

Create Cost-effective and Scalable Social Impact Projects
Increase your Brand Awareness Through Powerful Social Impact Initiatives
Boost your ESG Score
Support Students in Acquiring Future Employability Skills
Bolster Company Growth by Giving Back to the Community
Build Authentic Relationships with Potential Future Employees