Innovative STEM Programs

STEMI builds educational STEM programs for middle schools and high schools based on current industry standards.
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
The AI program is aimed at teaching development of a sustainability oriented AI system. Students create chatbots based on ESG goals which can process natural languages and has a structure conversation flow. This result oriented program engages students in creative thinking through a programming mindset.
Our robotics program consists of a design project where teachers guide students in obtaining essential robotics skills. From development to programming and construction, all the way to testing, our programs will engage students in a complex, yet rewarding mock robotics project.

Built with the industry for schools

Partnered with Industry 4.0 leaders, STEMI bridges the gap between the industry and schools in collaboration with tech experts and visionaries.

All-in-one Solution for your School

Enhance Your Training
Whether you are an experienced STEM teacher or just beginning to teach STEM, our Teacher enhancement centre will get you up to speed with current industry-based practices and technological advancements.
Connect With Teachers and Industry Experts
STEMI offers real-time assistance around the clock provided by expert engineers and educators gathered in a likeminded community looking to build the school of the future.
Reduce Preparation and Administrative Workload
Our streamlined Learning Management System helps teachers focus on what's important by greatly reducing classroom preparation time and administrative workloads. With our unique student-focused approach, teachers get an in-depth insight into their students' work.
Standardized, yet Exciting
The STEMI curriculum is all about creating purposeful and challenging moments in education. Aligned with NGSS & ISTE standards, our curriculum brings industry knowledge directly to your classroom in order to equip students with foundational employability skills which will prepare them for employment in demanding work environments.
Engage and Challenge Students
Our programs offer a blend of activities ranging from hardware assembly and construction to software design and programming with the aim of challenging students through interactive tech projects. Whether you are looking to inspire students to develop AI programming skills or introducing them to robotics, STEMI programs will engage them in digital and real-world scenarios alike.
Completely Guided Programs
In an effort to minimize preparation time and enable teachers to focus their energy on working with students, STEMI delivers innovative and ready to use classroom materials. These include program scope and sequence, teacher guides, courseware, multimedia materials, handouts, templates and assessments all accessible online through the STEMI LAB platform.

Key Characteristics

Project-based Learning
Using our programs, students engage in realistic tech projects using industry technologies and methodology. The increasing levels of complexity within the courses keep students engaged and focused, with lectures encompassing less than 20% of class time. All our programs culminate in producing tangible results, in the form of project deliverables, such as usable AI chatbots and working robots.
Teach Future Skills
The STEM programs accessible through the STEMI Lab are developed in collaboration with engineers and passionate educators with the aim of offering a constantly evolving educational framework. Our programs are constantly revised based on user feedback, offering a dynamic solution for teaching future skills in ever-changing technological environments.
Built on Industry Knowledge
Developed in collaboration with industry leaders from Fortune 500 companies and tech unicorns, STEMI programs offer a unique perspective bridging the gap between industry and schools. Students receive a relevant industry skillset which mimic real-life tech projects, all with the goal of preparing them for future work.
Adaptable Courses
Our programs are split into modules which can be taught sequentially or as independent units for greater flexibility. Teachers can adapt our programs based on their schedule or specific student needs, allowing for a completely tailored and individual approach.