Learning Unconstrained
By Time and Space

STEMI LAB is the innovative Learning Management System designed to deliver exceptional and seamless STEM learning experiences in the cloud.


Continuously Evolving Platform

STEMI LAB learns from teachers and students. It is designed to continuously improve based on how users interact with the content and platform.

Coding in the Cloud

No need to download, install or update software. STEMI LAB features an integrated online programming environment that supports modern programming languages and is accessible from the classroom or from home.

Support Around the Clock

Teachers are no longer on their own in the classroom. Our engineers and educators are always on the lookout to provide help in real time via our built-in communications system.

Robust Assessment System

STEMI LAB is crafted to assess student individual or group work. By including auto-grading and instant student feedback, STEMI keeps students engaged and saves teachers precious time.

Ready to Use Digital Resources

All programs available in the STEMI LAB feature ready-to-use resources: interactive ebooks, courseware, teacher guides, student handouts and much more.

Safe and Secure

Built on data privacy principles, STEMI LAB keeps student data anonymous, safe and secure.

Student Benefits

01 Personalized Learning
STEMI LAB programs have modular lessons which can be tailored to individual student or group needs.
02 Organized Resources
Readily available course materials enable students to quickly and easily access all relevant student resources.
03 Individual Pace
The program learning tempo can be adapted for individual students for a personalized approach to learning.
04 Cloud Access
Students can access their digital classrooms from any place and at any time on different devices for maximum flexibility.

Teacher Benefits

01 Reduced Class Preparation
STEMI LAB is a streamlined Learning Management System which helps teachers cut down on classroom preparation.
02 Maximum Student Focus
Teachers can focus on what matters by eliminating classroom preparation and administration time through STEMI LAB.
03 Organized Lessons
Our programs can be taught out-of-the-box and feature pre-organized lesson plans, teacher handouts and classroom materials.
04 In-person or Virtual Delivery
STEMI LAB is optimized for both virtual and physical classroom use, empowering teachers to teach from home or in a traditional classroom setting.
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