Stemi Marketplace – a new home for industry certified and project based workforce development learning experiences & programs

When we launched our pioneering AI program for middle and high schools back in 2021 we didn’t know where exactly this journey would take us, except that we wanted to create cutting-edge experiences for students. Relevant learning experiences that would resemble working in the current realistic environments in the tech industry. With the speed of how job demands changed in the past decade on the market, and the emerging AI technology, providing exclusively cutting-edge STEM programs is the only way to stay on the right track with preparing the students for their future work careers. This is when Stemi LAB, our deep education experience platform was born.

3 years later and extensive feedback from our users on the platform – teachers and students around the world, the picture was more clear than ever. Stemi LAB needed a new forefront showcasing the variety of available STEM experiences on the platform, and it manifested itself in the best possible attire.


With already a dozen programs available, we are proud to present the Marketplace – a place where one can choose between a dozen innovative STE(A)M programs for students around the world aged 10-18 years with the plan to expand to younger and older student age groups in the near future.

Along with 3 Stemi’s well known flagship programs:

  • Create an AI Chatbot (Artificial Intelligence),
  • Send Hexapod to Mars (Robotics and Automated Systems)
  • Grow Smart Garden (Internet of Things)

The Marketplace now also offers programs from the partner companies around the world and by the end of the year, the plan is to add around 20 more unique learning experiences for schools to pick from.

We are relentless in our pursuit to give youth better education.
Stemi team