7 States, 4 EdTech conferences, a pilot program launch, and the 1st ever US STEMwave Day … in one story?!

It seems we are in for a wild ride across the US, and we are loving it. 🙂

Hm, how to tell a story which consists of 7 States, 4 EdTech conferences, a pilot program, and the first ever STEMwave Day event in the US? We’re not really sure, but let’s try.

By the end of this story you will feel like there are way more of us than in the header picture above but no, not really. Well technically, we did sign 3 more MVPs to the team in the meantime, but that’s definitely a topic for another time.

We started our autumn US tour by arriving in Shelton, Connecticut. It’s the state where our Milestone C partners’ offices are located, so they had already prepared the office space and made sure our team felt like home. They even told us the most important info, such as where the best BBQ food is. Priorities, right?

However, not long after settling in, it was time to move. 

Stemi exhibited at three conferences in a row – MassCUE in Foxborough held at the Gillette Stadium, home of the New England Patriots (and yes, it is safe to say our Hexapod was the new star around now when beloved Tom Brady left the area! :)). Immediately followed was the CSTA conference, held at the University of Connecticut, and finally, NSTA held in Kansas City.

During the next few days of recovery for our conference crew (with the best BBQ food, of course), something was cooking at the Stemi HQ. The final preparations for something big were being made, and it was time for more team members to fly overseas. Our leadership and educators joined the conference crew in Memphis for a cutting-edge pilot program launch. We’re talking about Stemi’s already 3rd version of the project-based Artificial Intelligence program, which now includes the incredible ChatGPT technology-based AI assistant and learning buddy Martin, accompanied by an amazingly illustrated story guiding students through the learning content.

After hearing the feedback of the initial presentation by our CEO Marin Troselj, which was followed by an extensive 2 full days long teachers’ training presented by our educators team, it is safe to say the start of the pilot was more than successful! Now only time will tell whether the students at Granville T. Woods Academy can create a fully functional chatbot in the upcoming months. A chatbot that will share their vision of the Memphis city with 100,000 fellow citizens, aka Memphians. 

They have a massive task ahead, but we believe in them, and so should you! If you want to read more about how the team was received by our amazing hosts in Memphis, click here.

Oh, and if you thought this is where the ride ends, we suggest you keep the seatbelts fastened!

After the successful launch of the pilot program in Memphis, our leadership and educator teams flew back to Croatia, while the rest were joined in New York City by a few more team members and the official filming crew for yet another milestone event in Norwalk, Connecticut.

First things first, we need to give a massive shoutout to our Milestone C partners, without whom this event could not have been possible. They managed the event organization in such a magnificent manner that it felt at times they do professional event organization for a living! 🙂 Okay, okay, we have to be honest – they carried the event ALMOST as well as the tech toys, popcorn, and the art corner did! 🙂

We are talking about our first ever STEMwave Day in the US! And not to be mistaken, this was not just an isolated standalone event – after last year’s successful learning program pilot in over 40 schools around the States, it marked a new stage of our STEMwave movement in the US.

What a day it was. Carried on the wings of Milestone C, us from Stemi and our Croatian VIDI-X friends joined a few other US-based companies and schools to showcase our products and feel the amazing atmosphere at Ponus Ridge STEAM Academy. We can proudly say that more than 600 students got to experience and play with the newest EdTech toys from all around the world!

Of course, to celebrate this accomplishment, we ended our evening getting some more great BBQ food. Even though we would have loved to show you the evidence, everyone was too hungry to take a picture, so you’re going to have to take our word for it and look at these amazing 3D STEMwave styrofoam letters our team was holding instead. 🙂

And just like all the tales come to an end, so does this story about our autumn US tour.

Our last stop will be at the ACTE conference held in Phoenix, Arizona next week. If you are around, make sure to find us at booth 334. After reading all of this, you can bet we won’t refuse lunch invitation at that new BBQ place around the corner. 🙂

Stemi team