How MilestoneC and Stemi united technology and teaching in the USA classrooms

The alliance between Stemi and Milestone C showcases the power of collaboration in creating impactful educational experiences. With plans to expand and deepen our partnership, the future of STEM education looks bright, promising a world where every student has the tools and knowledge to succeed in the technological landscape of tomorrow.

Connecticut, US
Milestone C

Milestone C is an Edtech company that focuses on new-age technology such as coding, robotics, drones and engineering. We work with middle and high schools to help teachers bring relevant learning to students. Our programs are semester long and provide curriculum, professional development, in-action coaching, support and equipement/sofwaft for classroom use.

Dave Conelias is Milestone C’s CEO, an Educator, Engineer and an Entrepreneur. His jump into entrepreneurship in the education industry running afterschool and summer camps, evolved into being a full-time classroom teacher, and is now a well-rounded STEM educator who loves sharing his experiences and teaching others. Before education, Dave worked in both large and small engineering companies holding a variety of positions and leadership levels. His career was cross-disciplinary in electrical, pneumatics, hydraulics, systems, design, and manufacturing. Dave supported production, prototype and, development programs throughout his engineering career.

Bridging the Gap: The Challenge of Modernizing STEM Education in the USA

Before the partnership, there was a gap in providing hands-on, technologically advanced STEM education to middle and high schools in the USA. Educators were in a search for innovative tools and programs to engage students more effectively and prepare them for future careers in technology.

The partnership with Stemi has been pivotal for Milestone C. Their openness to our feedback and collaborative approach in developing educational tools have significantly enhanced our STEM programs. Together, we’re not just teaching; we’re inspiring a new generation of learners.” – Dave Conelias, CEO, Milestone C

Crafting the Future: MilestoneC and Stemi's Innovative Approach to STEM Learning

Milestone C, US based EdTech company specializing in coding, robotics, drones, and engineering joined forces with us at Stemi, who are known for cutting-edge educational solutions. Together, we developed semester-long programs offering curriculum, professional development, in-action coaching, and the necessary equipment/software for classroom use. This partnership leveraged Stemi’s robust learning management system (LMS) platform stemi LAB, and unique products like the Hexapod robot, providing an integrated approach to STEM education.

Working with Stemi has allowed us to bring cutting-edge technology and career-relevant learning directly into classrooms. It’s more than a partnership; it’s a shared mission to equip students with the skills they need for the future.” – Dave Conelias, CEO, Milestone C

Transforming Education: The Measurable Impact of MilestoneC and Stemi's Collaboration

Over six years, the collaboration between Stemi and Milestone C has flourished, expanding beyond initial expectations. The program now benefits over 4900 students across approximately 50 school buildings, with Milestone C utilizing Stemi’s platform to deliver high-quality, interactive STEM education. The partnership’s success is marked by significant interest in areas like IoT from educators, demonstrating a substantial shift towards embracing technology in teaching and learning processes.

Through continuous engagement and a shared commitment to educational innovation, Stemi and Milestone C are set to keep driving the future of education, making STEM accessible and exciting for students and teachers alike.

Milestone C x Stemi
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