Koding Next utilizes Stemi LAB platform to deliver STEM education across Indonesia

This partnership between Stemi and Koding Next underscores the power of collaborative innovation in transforming education. By addressing the pressing needs of schools and students, we're not just changing how subjects are taught – we're shaping the future leaders of the technology-driven world.

Indonesia, Southeast Asia
Koding Next

Koding Next is a leading coding school for kids and teenagers in Indonesia spread in 25 physical locations across the Archipelago. Also, they are a leader in providing intra-curricular ICT classes and extra-curricular coding clubs at schools in Indonesia.

Mateusz Rybiński is an EdTech Entrepreneur, co-founder of Koding Next and joint-venture company Coding Powers, president of EdTech Poland Foundation and co-founder of consulting company Edustr.io.
Coding Crisis: Addressing the Shortage of ICT Skills in Schools

The challenge was clear – how to bring modern STEM education to schools lacking resources, especially in coding and technology. Many Indonesian schools struggled with outdated curricula and a scarcity of qualified ICT teachers, making it difficult to prepare students for the digital age. Koding Next was searching for a technology partner who could help digitalize the content and provide a platform which can help schools teach coding without participation of teachers in the learning process.

A Digital Leap: Crafting Cutting-Edge STEM Solutions

Our collaboration with Koding Next aimed to overcome these obstacles by digitizing content and providing a comprehensive platform suitable for both in-person and remote learning. Leveraging our modern learning solutions on the stemi LAB – deep education experience platform, we provided seamless integration for Koding Next innovative curricula, enhancing their reach and impact without requiring significant investment in new equipment.

Stemi has been instrumental in bringing our vision to life. Their stemi LAB platform and approach to STEM education perfectly aligned with our mission, enabling us to make a real difference in the Indonesian education system.” – Mateusz Rybiński, co-founder, Koding Next

Achievement Unlocked: Elevating Indonesian Education with Tech

While the impact is still being measured, in this first school year we set the ground to support up to 10,000 students across 10-15 schools, dramatically increasing access to quality STEM education. Our joint efforts have sparked significant interest among schools in Indonesia, eager to modernize their educational offerings and equip their students with critical tech skills.

Seeing the enthusiasm from both teachers and students as they engage with the stemi LAB platform reinforces our belief in this partnership. Together, we’re not just teaching coding; we’re inspiring a new generation to innovate and solve real-world problems.” – Mateusz Rybiński, co-founder, Koding Next

Koding Next x Stemi
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