Guide Students Through AI Chatbot Development

Our cloud-based AI program teaches students to build complete AI conversational systems that solve social problems in their local communities.

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Improve Learning Outcomes and Student Engagement with a Collaborative STEM Experience

Student Benefits

Employability Skills
Students acquire relevant skills in AI engineering, one of the highest-paid and sought-after career paths of the 21st century.
Sustainability Oriented Project
The program guides students through the complete process of creating an AI project with real-world implications, giving them a chance to start developing their tech portfolio.
Industry Derived AI Curriculum
Our AI curriculum offers a unique insight into the tech industry, giving students a chance to learn from top engineers.

Teacher Benefits

Engineer Mentorship and Support
Industry engineers mentor students throughout the program and provide a bridge between the classroom and industry.
AI in your Classroom
The AI program brings futuristic content directly into your classroom, teaching students relevant future skills and allowing you to step into the role of AI programming mentors.
Meaningful Tech Project
Students learn both tech skills related to AI and soft skills in creating purpose driven projects based on sustainable goals with the aim of helping their community.

Topics Covered in the Program

Machine Learning
The course introduces students to how machines learn to predict outcomes based on data without being explicitly programmed to do so.
Natural Language Processing
The program begins with an introduction to how computers understand human language and how this is utilized in chatbots, giving students a glimpse into this vital component of artificial intelligence.
Conversation Flow Design
Students learn to design conversation flow through flowcharts, which engages their creativity and challenges them in verbalizing possible questions.
Design Thinking for Sustainable Development Goals
With the aim of teaching students a broader understanding of global problems, students research UN sustainable development goals in order to build solutions to solve problems in their local community. They are introduced to a design thinking methodology that will help them create innovative chatbot solutions.
Chatbot Arhitechture
Students are introduced to key building blocks of conversational systems, learning about the key elements of an AI chatbot.
Introduction to Python Programming
Even if your students are beginners in programming, the introduction to Python serves as a crash course in programing using our automatic feedback system.
Working in Tech
This course brings the tech industry closer to students by teaching them about career paths and options. Students also learn what problems the industry is solving and what working in tech looks like.
Final Project: Building a Chatbot Solution
As the outcome of the AI program, students develop a complete tech solution in the form of an AI chatbot that can be utilized for solving problems in the real world.

What You Get From Us

Teacher Training
Whether you are an experienced STEM teacher or just beginning to teach STEM, our Teacher enhancement centre will get you up to speed with current industry-based practices and technological advancements.
Community Support
STEMI offers real-time assistance around the clock provided by expert engineers and educators gathered in a likeminded community looking to build the school of the future.
Learning Management System
Our streamlined Learning Management System helps teachers focus on what's important by greatly reducing classroom preparation time and administrative workloads. With our unique student-focused approach, teachers get an in-depth insight into their students' work.
The STEMI curriculum is all about creating purposeful and challenging moments in education. Aligned with NGSS & ISTE standards, our curriculum brings industry knowledge directly to your classroom in order to equip students with foundational employability skills which will prepare them for employment in demanding work environments.
Hardware & Software
Our programs offer a blend of activities ranging from hardware assembly and construction to software design and programming with the aim of challenging students through interactive tech projects. Whether you are looking to inspire students to develop AI programming skills or introducing them to robotics, STEMI programs will engage them in digital and real-world scenarios alike.
Classroom Materials
In an effort to minimize preparation time and enable teachers to focus their energy on working with students, STEMI delivers innovative and ready to use classroom materials. These include program scope and sequence, teacher guides, courseware, multimedia materials, handouts, templates and assessments all accessible online through the STEMI LAB platform.

In seven months, we've seen teachers transform into happy, confident and dedicated advocates for STEM in their classrooms.

I was inspired by the amount of growth I saw in each of the students, and I am confident that the skills these students learned will be valuable in their future education and careers.

The experiences students gain after completing any one of Stemi and Milestone C courses, will not only prepare them for a future career in a STEM field but, more importantly, for life.

Frequently asked questions

What is included in the price of the AI Chatbot program?

Teacher training, access to the AI curriculum for the teacher and the whole class, cloud consumption, and 24/7 support in program implementation are included in the price of the AI Chatbot program.

Is there somebody to contact if I need help with the implementation of the program?

Sure, within the STEMI Lab there is a direct chat with our Educators who created the program and will help you to overcome any struggles in the classroom.

Do teachers get sufficient training for the program?

Yes, STEMI makes sure that you get enough training to run the program, either we teach you or our educational partners. Teacher training takes two 8-hour days to complete.

How long does it take to run the AI chatbot program?

The program is modular and can be run either in 1 or 2 semesters, depending on the student’s age.

Where do I find an AI Chatbot program?

You can find the AI Chatbot program together with all digital classroom materials on STEMI Lab (

What is the purpose of the AI program?

The purpose is for students to get to know the basics of Artificial Intelligence and to teach them how to build conversational systems, their own chatbots while mastering Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. Additionally, students get to study UN Sustainable Development Goals, and using Design Thinking they build chatbot solutions that can be implemented in their local community for reaching SDGs.

Do you need any prerequisite knowledge to run an AI Chatbot program in the classroom?

For the first part of the program, you do not need any prerequisite knowledge as the students are creating their chatbots using Answers – block programming platform. 

For the second part of the program, students should have previous knowledge of Python programming.

What if my students do not code in Python?

We prepared a crash course in Python programming for those who never used Python.

The course is available on STEMI Lab.

Do we need to pay extra for using Answers?

No, the use of the Answers platform is included in the price of the AI chatbot program?

What is the Answers platform and why is it relevant?

Answers is a high-end industry solution that is used to build your own chatbots. Using Answers students get to work in the same environment as industry professionals, simulating a real-life work environment.