We launched the new STEMwave US website!

Even the tiniest drop can set off a ripple, growing into a transformative wave. We see every educator, student and tech expert as a drop of water in our wave, and only by acting together can we bring about the necessary changes in educatio


Stemi at Bett Show 2024: Unveiling the Future of Education

As we reflect on the exhilarating experience at Bett 2024, one of the world’s largest EdTech conferences, we’re filled with gratitude and inspiration. Our journey at this year’s event was nothing short of remarkable, filled with memorable moments, engaging presentations, and significant recognition.


Stemi is shortlisted in 2 categories for Bett Awards 2024!

Bett Awards celebrate the best of what education technology companies have to offer and they are one of the world’s most recognized industry rewards for EdTech companies. So today we are especially excited to announce that we have made it to the finals in not just one, but two categories. 👀🤩


7 States, 4 EdTech conferences, a pilot program launch, and the 1st ever US STEMwave Day … in one story?!

By the end of this story you will feel like there are way more of us than in this thumbnail but no, not really. Well technically, we did sign 3 more MVPs to the team in the meantime, but that’s definitely a topic for another time.


Can students make an AI chatbot that will share a vision of Memphis with 100,000 Memphians?

Although this question seems utopian and, being hard to answer, a bit rhetorical, it was a question that crossed our minds while arriving in Memphis, TN, at Granville T. Woods Academy charter school which is a part of Shelby County School District. 


Imagination Day 2023 | STEMwave in BiH

For the first time in the neighboring country of Bosnia & Herzegovina, Stemi was involved in creating ‘a different type of classroom’. Powered by Infobip and together with our UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) partners, we organized ‘Imagination Day 2023’ – the final event of STEMwave BIH season 22/23.


Behind the amazing Stemi LAB results

Stemi LAB is a scalable educational platform with advanced localized STEAM programs that are unbiased towards students’ income, gender, social background and ethnicity. The impact it has on schools is immense and tangible through the projects delivered, students engaged and data collected through our AI Analytics Data Engine.


Can students develop a high-tech AI product in school – and how do they start?

When thinking of a high-tech product, you might imagine people in white coats in a computer lab, or a bunch of new-age Silicon Valley guys that nobody seems to understand.


Purpose and Social Impact of Tech Companies: Why Focus on Education?

Today’s IT industry is a battle of finding and keeping great employees. Companies are offering perks and benefits that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago.